NEWS: Possible Roadblock for Polio Eradication

Below is a news brief from a New York Times article written by Donald G. McNeil, Jr about how the mission to eradicate Polio on a global scale may have been thrown a roadblock due to recent foreign actions. Updates like these are very informative to local Rotary Clubs as we strive to help eliminate Polio.

C.I.A. Vaccine Ruse May Have Harmed the War on Polio

“Did the killing of Osama bin Laden have an unintended victim: the global drive to eradicate polio?

In Pakistan, where polio has never been eliminated, the C.I.A.’s decision to send a vaccination team into the Bin Laden compound to gather information and DNA samples clearly hurt the national polio drive. The question is: How badly?

After the ruse by Dr. Shakil Afridi was revealed by a British newspaper a year ago, angry villagers, especially in the lawless tribal areas on the Afghan border, chased off legitimate vaccinators, accusing them of being spies.”

Below is a link to the entire New York Times article: